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Annual IPM Reports
The interactive Web-based Performance Planning and Reporting System (PPRS) assists IPM coordinators at land-grant universities by making it possible to describe program plans and document program accomplishments online in the form of “Plans of Work” and “Annual Reports”. PPRS helps coordinators ensure that Extension activities supported by the program are consistent with overall goals. PPRS also helps CSREES and other program stakeholders understand the scope and impact of the IPM programs being conducted.

Cranefly Pests of the Pacific Northwest
This website contains questions that are commonly asked about crane flies and the answers to those question.

Building a Stable IPM System for Western Orchards
Information on a program that builds on the successful codling moth areawide management project (1995-1999) that reduced in-season organophosphate use in apples and pears by 75%. Project goals are to further reduce broad-spectrum pesticide use, expand the use of mating disruption in pome fruits and new cropping systems, and increase efficacy of biological control in orchards for secondary pests.

Integrated Pest Management for Apples
A guide for sampling and decision-making for key apple pests in northwest Washington.

Mt. Vernon Vegetable Pathology Team
Website links to diagnostic and management resources for vegetables under IPM-Managing pathogens with information.

Integrated Pest Management for Raspberries
A guide for sampling and decision-making for key raspberry pests in northwest Washington.

Washinton State Commission on Pesticide Registration
The Washington State Commission on Pesticide Registration (WSCPR) was created by an act of the 1995 legislature (RCW 15.92.090) for the purpose of helping Washington address critical pest control needs for minor use crops and minor uses.
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