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This web page is a product of the statewide WSU Seed Crop Team, a partnership funded by the CAHNRS Agricultural Extension Issue-Focused Teams Initiative. The team, led by entomologist Doug Walsh and plant pathologist Lindsey du Toit, seeks to protect and enhance the seed industries of Washington State. Other team members include weed scientists Tim Miller and Rick Boydston, plant pathologists Lyndon Porter and Ken Eastwell, Extension educators Tim Waters, Don McMoran, and Carrie Wohleb, and communications specialist Sally O'Neal.

The Seed Crop Team brings faculty and staff from numerous disciplines and both sides of the state together to address issues impacting production of many types of seed crops.

Featured Reports & Articles

Many additional reports and articles can be found under the Production, Diseases, Insect/Mite, and Weed links in the navigation bar on the far left.

2010 Alfalfa Seed School Report Cover Detailing two years of research in alfalfa seed IPM, this report by Doug Walsh, Rick Boydston, and Sally O'Neal was presented January 2010 at the 41st Annual Winter Seed Conference of the Western Alfalfa Seed Growers Association in Las Vegas. 
Cover of Plant Disease Journal Jaime Cummings, Carol Miles, and Lindsey du Toit published this article on greenhouse evaluation of treatments for organic pathogen management in spinach in the December 2009 edition of Plant Disease.




Now Available

Link to Legume ipmPIPE webpageThe 2008 Legume ipmPIPE (PIPE = Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education) is now available online. The PIPE provides near real-time access to legume pest observations, model output, and pest management information, as well as communication tools to support pest management decision making.

New Presentations

The following presentations are new to this website. Many archived presentations can be found under the Production, Diseases, Insect/Mite, and Weed links in the navigation bar on the far left.

2009 Spinach Seed PPTThis overview of Pacific Northwest spinach seed production was presented by Lindsey du Toit at the International Spinach Conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas in November 2009.

Verticillium seed treatments PPTAlso presented at the Fayetteville conference, this presentation by du Toit, Derie, Brissey, Holmes, and Gatch identifies seed treatments effective against Verticillium in spinach.

Vert Seed Assay PPTIn cooperation with the University of Arkansas and the University of California at Davis, WSU's Mount Vernon staff prepared this presentation on developing a standarized seed health assay for Verticillium detection in spinach seed.


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