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Tree Fruits IPM

Washington Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center
WSU-TFREC is the research and extension center of Washington State University dedicated to the tree fruit sciences. Located in the primary fruit producing region of the world, the center features a cooperative, multidisciplinary approach to tree fruit production.

Areawide II Program
This Areawide II Program builds on the successful codling moth areawide management project (1995-1999) that reduced in-season organophosphate use in apples and pears by 75%. Project goals are to further reduce broad-spectrum pesticide use, expand the use of mating disruption in pome fruits and new cropping systems, and increase efficacy of biological control in orchards for secondary pests. Apple and pear production are at risk under the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) because these fruit comprise a significant fraction of the diets of infants and children.

Stone Fruit Research at WSU Prosser
A Lygus bug parasitism survey revealed moderate levels of wasp parasitism in several stone fruit growing regions. Studies of thrips ecology showed greater thrips abundance in orchard borders compared with orchard interiors. Click on link below.

Apple Research at WSU Prosser

For Lygus abundance surveys, sweep net sampling was the most effective sampling method. Lygus damage was correlated to Lygus abundance in apples. A California phenology model was utilized to predict first Lygus hatch. Thrips abundance was greater in orchard borders compared with orchard interiors. Click on links below.

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