Bee pollinating flower.

Other Pollinators

  • Specialty Pollinators and Alfalfa Seed Facts
    • Washington is the #2 producer of alfalfa seed in the U.S.
    • Nearly 14 million lbs of alfalfa seed were produced in Washington in 2015
    • The state’s 2015 alfalfa seed crop was valued at nearly $35 million
    • Alfalfa seed production relies heavily on two bees
      • Alkali bee
      • Alfalfa leafcutting bee
    • Pollinators are the single largest expense to growers of alfalfa seed
    • Growers can lose up to 50% of their bees to diseases, parasites, pesticides, and other causes
    • Techniques to integrate pollinator safety with pest management are constantly being researched and tested


Doug Walsh
Doug Walsh, Washington State IPM Coordinator and leader of the state’s Extension IPM Implementation team, leads the team’s efforts in specialty pollinator protection