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A quarterly summary of Extension IPM activity highlights.


Quarter 2

Read the latest issue
Highlights include:

  • “Urban Legend” Carrie Foss Retires
  • Hop Outreach from Yakima to Slovenia
  • Small Farms Learn about Sweetpotatoes and Flea Beetles
  • Columbia Basin Potato and Vegetable Outreach
  • Viticulture Intern Boot Camp and Other Grape News
  • Field Tours, Podcasts, and Blog Posts for Grain Growers
  • Biodegradable Plastic Mulch Presentations and Publications

Quarter 1

Read the 2023 Quarter 1 issue
Highlights include:

  • Honey bees thrive after refrigerated storage
  • Resources for wheat and small grain growers
  • Onion storage results and potato seed trials
  • Regional and national alfalfa seed and hop outreach
  • New and integrated approaches to grapevine leafroll
  • CM, WCFF, SWD, BMSB and more tree fruit pests
  • Small farm resources and a sweetpotato trial
  • Biodegradable plastic mulch in raspberries?
  • Drumroll, please: New Hortsense website!


Quarter 4

Read the 2022 Quarter 4 issue
Highlights include:

  • In-state and international IPM outreach
  • Entomological societies “JAM” with joint meeting
  • Spotted lanternfly videos produced
  • Wheat Academy and podcasts for grain growers
  • BDMs aid in IPM and crop success
  • AgWeatherNet expands on Olympic Peninsula
  • Nematodes, rootstocks are hot topics in grapes
  • Focus on seedcorn maggot control

Quarter 3

Read the 2022 Quarter 3 issue
Highlights include:

  • Rootstocks a key topic in wine grapes
  • On-farm outreach to Olympic Peninsula
  • Biodegradable mulch degradation
  • Onion and potato field days
  • IPM resources for wheat growers
  • Hands-on IPM education for hop growers
  • Orchardists learn about pollinators
  • Videos focus on emerging spotted lanternfly

Quarter 2

Read the 2022 Quarter 2 issue
Highlights include:

  • Onion and potato IPM alerts
  • Outreach in grape, mint, hop
  • Resources for wheat growers
  • Second edition grape IPM guide released
  • Downy mildew and millipedes on small farms
  • Biodegradable mulch newsletter and article
  • Grape newsletter, webinar, boot camp
  • Nationwide SWD group charts course
  • Understanding exotic hornets

Quarter 1

Read the 2022 Quarter 1 issue
Highlights include:

  • New videos for urban applicators and citizen scientists
  • Plastic mulches may improve raspberry success
  • Conference presentations in hop, mint, alfalfa seed
  • Codling moth summit held in February
  • Wheat and barley grower blog posts and podcasts
  • More resources for wine grape growers
  • New tools for small farms in western Washington
  • Potato, onion, pea, and seed crop outreach


Quarter 4

Read the 2021 Quarter 4 issue
Highlights include:

  • Indoor storage, mite control to protect bees
  • Winter resources for small grain growers
  • Enhanced IPM in potatoes
  • Grape grower resources
  • Biodegradable mulch in organic veggies
  • Sustainability training for landscape pros
  • Preventive IPM tactics for small farms
  • Biological and mechanical control in tree fruits
  • IPM outreach to mint and grape growers

Quarter 3

Read the 2021 Quarter 3 issue
Highlights include:

  • New role for weed scientist Lyon
  • Outreach in onion and potato
  • Small farm outreach to individuals and groups
  • BMSB and beneficials awareness promoted
  • Summer outreach for grape growers
  • Melon grafting journal article published
  • Video on diagnosing urban plant problems
  • Bee team addresses hornets, varroa, and more.

Quarter 2

Read the 2021 Quarter 2 issue
Highlights include:

  • Pollinator fact sheets for home gardeners
  • Tracking colony movement for better bee health
  • Novel grape IPM includes use of UV-C light
  • Vegetable grafting web portal updated
  • Small grains team releases variety selection app
  • Resources for tree fruit growers now include Twitter

Quarter 1

Read 2021 Quarter 1 issue
Highlights include:

  • IPM outreach in mint, hops, alfalfa seed, wine grapes
  • Pocket-sized, English/Spanish, pictorial hop IPM guide
  • Watermelon grafting advances for disease resistance
  • Podcasts, blogs, presentations, and videos for wheat IPM
  • Hortsense updates for home gardeners
  • Rootstocks aid IPM in Washington vineyards
  • Break out the popcorn: New entomology videos!

IPM Activities

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Quarter 4

Read the 2020 Quarter 4 issue
Highlights include:

  • Tree fruit outreach in pears and IPM of codling moth & stink bugs
  • Benefits of pruning in urban IPM
  • Focus on herbicide resistance in small grains
  • Watermelon grafting articles published
  • Onion grower survey shows high IPM adoption
  • IPM outreach at grape and mint conferences
  • New video explains phylloxera monitoring

Quarter 3

Read the 2020 Quarter 3 issue
Highlights include:

  • 2nd edition pocket hop guide
  • Progress against grape phylloxera
  • Summer season potato and onion IPM
  • Promoting wine grape vineyard health
  • Watermelon grafting in the news

Quarter 2

Read the 2020 Quarter 2 issue
Highlights include:

  • New IPM tools launched for small grains
  • Wine grape outreach on nematodes, PM, Botrytis and more
  • Vegetable grafting article published in Hortscience
  • Stink bug and moth management in tree fruits
  • Bumble bee citizen-scientist training goes virtual
  • Key hop pests addressed in Best Practices e-meeting
  • Issues with honey bees in blueberry

Quarter 1

Read the 2020 Quarter 1 issue
Highlights include

  • Grafting as a tool in Verticilium wilt management
  • The role of pruning in a landscape IPM program
  • Novel techniques in pear psylla, BMSB, and codling moth management
  • Viticulture program earns awards for outreach excellence
  • Arthropod IPM in wine grapes, hops, and alfalfa seed
  • Indoor storage for honey bee hives?
  • New tools for weed management in small grains
  • Mint research updates delivered
  • IPM outreach and surveys for potato and onion growers


Quarter 4

Read the 2019 Quarter 4 issue
Highlights include

  • Nationwide WERA and IR-4 connections reinforce IPM
  • Viticulture topics include phylloxera and fungicide resistance
  • Focus on onion thrips and seed corn maggots
  • 2019 Wheat Academy draws full house
  • Vegetable grafting in español and in the news
  • 2020 Crop Protection Guide for Tree Fruits underway
  • New urban IPM video emphasizes minimizing pesticides
  • A new home planned for WSU’s bee program

Quarter 3

Read the 2019 Quarter 3 issue
Highlights include

  • Hop outreach includes interaction with brewers
  • Onion events reach growers and researchers
  • Weed science field tour in the Palouse
  • Alternatives for pear pest management explored
  • New video will train landscape professionals
  • Vegetable grafting explained to multiple audiences
  • Irrigated Ag REC releases annual report

Quarter 2

Read the 2019 Quarter 2 issue
Highlights include

  • Honey bee team wins interdisciplinary award
  • Tree fruit team active in Entomological Society of America
  • Outreach in hops, onions, alfalfa seed, and wine grapes
  • PNW Bumble Bee Atlas project conducts training
  • Potato field day looks at Lygus, viruses
  • Spring edition of Viticulture and Enology Extension News
  • Vegetable grafting outreach to students and professionals

Quarter 1

Read the 2019 Quarter 1 issue
Highlights include

  • Weed control tips from Australia
  • Mint root borer monitoring and management
  • Winter wine grape meetings focus on fungicides
  • Lygus problems in potatoes
  • Burrowing shrimp plague oyster beds
  • Orchard conference highlights stink bugs and more
  • Teaching vegetable grafting to K-12 educators
  • IPM training for urban applicators


Quarter 4

Read the 2018 Quarter 4 issue
Highlights include

  • Tree fruit presentations: Drones, Invasive Species
  • Science Café teaches vegetable grafting
  • Tackling tipworm in cranberry
  • Landscape pros trained in IPM
  • Fungus may be a tool in beekeeping
  • Annual Wheat Academy held in Pullman
  • Onion growers surveyed use IPM resources

Quarter 3

Read the 2018 Quarter 3 issue
Highlights include

  • Hortsense adds “Natural Enemies & Pollinators”
  • Podcasts for wheat and grain growers
  • Using drones for sterile insect release
  • Hop council tours IAREC
  • Summer outreach in grapes
  • Onion team wins USDA award
  • Aquatic crop IPM updates
  • Monitoring mites for honey bee health
  • Increasing awareness of vegetable grafting

Quarter 2

Read the 2018 Quarter 2 issue
Highlights include

  • IPM activities in the news
  • beekeepers learn mite monitoring
  • stink bug education for kids
  • cranberry IPM activities
  • herbicide decision tool for pulse crops
  • fungicide resistance workshops in wine grapes
  • vegetable grafting tools now available

Quarter 1

Read the 2018 Quarter 1 issue
Highlights include

  • fungicide resistance in grapes
  • vegetable grafting workshop
  • onion/carrot/potato IPM
  • alfalfa seed and pollinator protection
  • mustard weed control in small grains
  • hop IPM outreach
  • shellfish IPM tours
  • Ramorum Blight awareness
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug awareness for homeowners