Small vegetable plants in a pot.

Current IPM Priority Issues (Vegetables)

A bunch of potatoes


  • Potato psyllid and potato tuberworm
  • Pink eye, late blight, and bacterial soft rot
  • Aphids, lygus, and leafhoppers
A pile of onions.


  • Weed control, including novel and integrated techniques
  • Solutions to storage rots
  • Insect and disease identification
  • Management of onion thrips and Iris yellow spot virus
Two dirty carrots that have twisted and grown together.


  • Addressing cavity spot and root-knot nematode
A bunch of corn with one part of the husk pulled away.

Sweet Corn, Green Pea, and Beans

  • Seedcorn maggot control
  • Corn earworm control
  • Spider mite control
  • Integrated weed control, including rotational strategies
Seedlings of nightshade in tiny pots.

Solanaceous, Curcurbits, & Others

  • Grafting for disease mitigation
  • Use of biodegradable plastic mulch